School starts again 3 September 2014. Have a great summer!

We have ended another very successful year with many exciting events.  Sports days, visits, productions, cycling, sporting tournaments.....the list goes on.P1050386

Thank you to everyone for the continued encouragement and support we have received throughout the year.  We very much appreciate your honest feedback and interest in what we do.P1040251

Thank you to my collegues for their continued hard work and enthusiasm.  I am extremely privileged to work with a team that strives to provide the best for every child...exciting and challenging lessons, an efficient office, a safe well maintained environment and delicious dinners....They provide it all!P1030499

AND last but certainly not least, thank you to the children for another very busy and productive year.  There have been countless reasons for celebration!

Have a lovely summer holiday and we look forward to the term beginning again on the 3 September 2014.